Welcome to my new website – Thank you for taking the time to look at my work. Before I waffle on about photography, what it means to me and how I came to where I am today, I would like to introduce myself. To have a little chit chat, more or less.

My name is Charlotte, I am 21 years old and this whole running a business for myself is very intimidating. To be completely honest I am new at this, young and absolutely terrified to take this leap. However, it is my passion and my life dream.

A few things about me:

  • I live in a lovely little Cotswold town called Tetbury with my super supportive partner and my rather hairy child, Willow.
  • After my A levels I went to Falmouth University to study photography. I dropped out after a year because my path was heading in a different direction. It was however, one of the best years of my life. I met some amazing people I will carry with me forever.
  • I love long country walks (especially in Autumn when you can see all the colours) and I especially love getting away down to the beach.
  • I am currently training to run the Bath half marathon in March 2024 in aid of Alzheimer’s Society.
  • Other than my photography, I work full-time as a Marketing Executive.

Now you know a little more about me, I would love to briefly talk about my journey and how I got here.

Since as young as I can remember I have loved taking photos and videos of anything and everything. This started with my iPod Nano and then moved to a mobile phone as soon as I could get my hands on one. These photos were interesting… photos of my pet guinea pigs, grass and stone walls from all different types of angles. At about 15 years old I was able to try a camera for the first time, it was my mums boyfriends at the time and I fell IN LOVE! I decided it was time to save some money for my own camera. A lot of dedication (not buying clothes) later I got my camera, which is still my baby to this day.

I chose to do photography as one of my A Levels and this is where I learnt pretty much everything from the basics of using a camera to the complications of photoshopping and advanced editing. I put my everything into my A Level and when I got an unconditional offer to attend Falmouth University I could not turn it down. I fell so in love with not only the destination of Falmouth but the university itself, the cameras and photography equipment was phenomenal!

Falmouth taught me so much more (and I had already assumed I knew everything I needed to). I got to use studios, film cameras and many many very nice but, expensive lenses and camera bodies. It was a dream come true. I learnt how to process and develop my own film photos, I learnt to work a studio and I got to work with so many talented and like-minded individuals. I got very interested in fine art photography whilst I was at Falmouth. I liked to use lots of controlled settings such as, studios. It would all be very staged and my aim of my work in this period of time was to have a narrative behind every photo I took.

After I left uni early I photographed my first wedding. Originally, this wasn’t something I was interested in doing, I wanted to carry on my skill in fine art photography and make that my career. However, after this first wedding, I fell completely and undeniably in love with capturing those special moments. Since then, I have dreamt about pursuing my own business in photography (mainly specialising in weddings) I love catching those moments and I want to continue it permanently into the future.

If you have got this far I commemorate you! Thank you for reading my first ever blog and welcome to Charlotte Photography. I hope to have the privilege in capturing your special moments.